Undergraduate courses

Dr. Waity teaches the following undergraduate courses at UNCW: 

SOC105: Introduction to Sociology

SOC 215: Modern Social Problems

SOC/CRM300: Methods of Social Research

SOC/CRM 391: Public Sociology/Public Criminology Seminar

SOC 460: Sociology of Poverty

SOC 485: The Community

SOC/CRM 496: Public Sociology/Public Criminology Practicum

Graduate program

Starting in November of 2018, Dr. Waity will be the program coordinator for the department's graduate program.

Dr. Waity teaches the following graduate courses at UNCW: 

SOC 590: Sociology of Poverty

SOC 592: Special Topics: Community

She has also done directed independent studies courses (DIS) with students on the following topics: 

Public Sociology

Food Insecurity 

Applied learning

Dr. Waity utilizes applied learning in all of her classes. She is part of the ALTC and has received numerous ETEAL grants to fund applied learning in her classes.